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Photos for Use by the Media

Photo credit and copyright: www.Around-n-Over.org
(Click on each picture for a larger version)

     Erden Eruç working on the mission statement at the Chalo School of the Fort Nelson First Nation.
     Note the road sign - distances tell the story! This sign was just short of Dawson Creek on the way north.
     Arriving frozen at Liard River in British Columbia! This was a cold day riding obviously... Erden took this self portrait after he got inside the lodge, having cleared his eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows of the excess ice with a swipe of the back of his hand, and saw his frozen self in the bathroom mirror. He had to rush back out to the parking lot and take a picture before the rest of it all melted!
     Soon after a flash snow storm moves over Erden and the road.
     Sign about leaving the safety net of civilization: "Leaving 911 Serving Area," as if the cell phone worked!
     Roadside camp, a camp fire that lets Erden's mind wander away from the chill surrounding him...
     Historical mile 1000: this is on the Alaska Highway, the 1000th mile from Dawson Creek where "Mile 0 Post" was, about 1,858 miles from home...
     The odometer turns: Nostradamus should have seen this one! Note the string that holds the computer in place - the plastic clip that held it in place had snapped in the cold...
     Erden Eruç short of Talkeetna, probably around mile 2,600 on the trip, out of a total of 2,683 that it took to arrive at the Forks Roadhouse from Seattle.
     Tent life on the glacier walk in... Left to right: Chris Woytko and Cory Groom.
     On the approach, showing the back breaking work that Chris Woytko, Cory Groom and Erden Eruç had to do double carrying through willows and moraines to reach the toe of the Kahiltna Glacier. They had to approach 67 miles on foot from the Forks Roadhouse to the Kahiltna Base Camp, just so that they could start the actual climb itself. This picture is taken at about 1,300 feet elevation on May 7, and the summit was reached at 20,320 feet on May 29. Left to right: Chris Woytko and Cory Groom.
     Team climbing during a food cache drop to 13,200 feet from the 11,000 camp. Left to right: Erden Eruç, Jeremy Cranford and Eddie Espinosa.
     Team descending from from a food cache drop at 13,200 feet lower on the mountain. Left to right: Eddie Espinosa and Jeremy Cranford.
     Team climbing during the move from 11,000 camp to the camp at 14,200 feet. Left to right: Eddie Espinosa, Cory Groom and Chris Woytko.
     Team climbing during the move from 14,200 camp to 17,200 camp. Left to right: Jeremy Cranford, Chris Woytko, Cory Groom and Eddie Espinosa.
     Summit shot with Eddie Espinosa, Cory Groom and Erden Eruç... The date is May 29, 2003.
     Erden Eruç at the high camp, the day after having reached the summit, holding moose jerkey that he had received from Vince Prince and wearing the hand woven hat received from John Sam, both First Nations people from British Columbia.
     Jeremy Cranford during the descent from the high camp at 17,200 feet after summitting.
     Nancy Board, Erden Eruç and Alice Modig returning from the scouting trip on June 14th after having chosen the location for the following day's wedding ceremony in Sadie Cove across the Kachemak Bay from Homer.
     Nancy Board and Erden Eruç on the beach at the end of the Homer Spit along the Kachemak Bay after the wedding ceremony.
     Another picture of Nancy Board and Erden Eruç on the beach at the end of the Homer Spit along the Kachemak Bay after the wedding ceremony.
     An inspirational moment for Erden Eruç in July 2001 - the day that Erden met Göran Kropp in Seattle during one of his public presentations. This was the day that Erden shared his dreams of circumnavigation with Göran.
     Erden Eruç and Göran Kropp in Ouray, Colorado during the 2002 Ouray Ice Festival. On this cold February day, Göran told Erden that he was moving to Issaquah near Seattle, and they promised each other to climb together one day.

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