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Resumé for Erden Eruç


Functional Roles

Project Manager

Technical Lead


System Architect


System Administrator

Technical Support


Business Solutions

Business Operations


Knowledge Management




Office 2000

Microsoft Project

Microsoft SQL Server

Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000

Lotus Notes/Domino


Development Tools


Lotus Script, Javascript

Microsoft Visual Studio







Federal Government

Information Technology

Professional Services

Financial Services





Client List

Banco de Venezuela

Black Enterprise Magazine

Cable and Wireless Inc.

Federal Occupational Health

General Electric


Lotus Development Corp.



To drive sponsorships, partnerships and donations for Around-n-Over.

(Currently unavailable for technical or corporate duties due to life changing experiences and decisions.  The resume that is displayed here will stay to provide a strong contrast for my current endeavors.)

Seasoned systems professional in the consulting arena for nine years who has served in various technical and management capacities on diverse client engagements under Aris Consulting, Nexgen Solutions, Lotus Consulting and IBM Professional Services.  Masters degree in Business Administration, technical background and a former career in engineering provide a valuable perspective on business processes.

Summary of Experience

  • Managed full life cycle projects, including requirements gathering, design, development and deployment.  Helped clients remain within their budgets by implementing proper change control mechanisms.
  • Managed client/server implementations with web interfaces to data repository.
  • Led projects on application development, evaluation, testing and deployment.
  • Delivered infrastructure design and administration solutions for large-scale deployments.
  • Facilitated migration, co-existence and back-end integration projects.
  • Advised clients on hardware selection and sizing.
  • Instructed and mentored fellow engineers on best practices and on relevant work.  The teaching exposure includes classroom experience.
  • Created in-depth documentation for clients to communicate application and infrastructure design ideas.

    Professional Education

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Launch Event
        Seattle, March 1, 2002
  • Microsoft .NET Developer Training Tour
        Detroit, August 13-14, 2001
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Hands-On Lab, SQLSoft
        Portland, July 7, 2001
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory, Hands-On Lab, SQLSoft
        Portland, June 29, 2001
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Hands-On Lab, SQLSoft
        Portland, June 1, 2001
  • Information Systems Project Management
        American Management Association, 3-Day Seminar
        Seattle, May 2000

  • M.B.A. – George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
  • M.S. in Engineering Mechanics – Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
  • B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering – Boğaziçi University, Turkey


  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP+Internet)


    Published technical articles in the European Joint Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis, ASCE Engineering Mechanics Specialty Conference,International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, ASME Symposium on CAD and Manufacture of Cutting and Forming Tools, ASM Conference on Near Net Shape Manufacturing, and technical reports for OSU Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing.



    Nov 2002-Present



    Application Software

    Down parka, fleece jacket, cushioned bicycle seat, suspension system on the bicycle


    Erden Eruç, a.k.a. the Chief Exploration Officer, established the non-profit Around-n-Over as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization following life changing experiences.

  • Defined the mission of this charitable organization as stated on the Around-n-Over web site.
  • Applied business skills for social good by focusing on giving back to the society where Around-n-Over became the structural catalyst.
  • Provided the motivation and the inspiration for the team to promote the human challenge as defined in the Six Summits Project.
  • Delegated business roles, web site maintenance, and climbing team coordination duties into the capable hands of friends in order to remain focused on the self-powered journey as stated in the Six Summits Project.
  • Sought, negotiated and secured sponsors, partners and donations.
  • Promoted the project with the media, ensuring steady coverage with local and nationwide reach.

  • Sales Associate
    Sep 2002-Jan 2004

    Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)

    Erden Eruç joined REI to be involved with the outdoor industry, and later remained as a part-time employee of REI to focus on his duties as the president of Around-n-Over.

  • Promoted to non-members the benefits of joining the REI co-op as a member.
  • Provided instruction and ensured a safe learning environment for first time climbers who visited the Climbing Pinnacle at the Flagship REI store.
  • Provided professional knowhow to customers seeking advice on climbing and camping related products.
  • Restocked merchandise on the displays to provide a complete shopping experience.
  • Operated the cash register efficiently to expedite the check out process for customers.

  • Senior Project Manager
    Nov 2000-May 2001


    NT 4.0, Win 2000, MS Project

    Application Software

    IIS, SQL Server 7, ERwin

    Shurgard Storage

    Shurgard hired Aris Consulting to develop an e-commerce enabled interactive web site.

  • Managed the final phases of the Shurgard project to ensure timely completion of all remaining deliverables.
  • Provided project management services to estimate costs and timelines for all add-on projects.
  • Project Manager
    Technical Lead
    Nov 1999-Nov 2000


    Windows 2000,

    Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, MS Project, HEAT

    Application Software

    MS Visual Studio
    IIS, SQL Server 7,
    ONYX CRM, ERwin

    Federal Occupational Health

    Federal Occupational Health (FOH) is a division of the Department of Health and Human Services.  FOH hired Aris Consulting to process field data, and to build a web site for use by FOH clients to justify costs and to effect workplace policy changes.

  • Managed the project by documenting the requirements, preparing the project plans and monitoring progress.  Collaborated with Call Center and infrastructure/network support staff in upgrading the FOH services.
  • Provided timely cost estimates and technical feedback for the management to influence the decision making process.
  • Implemented a change management process to control the timelines and the scope of the deliverables.
  • Contributed to the project as a development resource.

  • Technical Lead
    July 1999-Sept 1999


    Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Sun Solaris, MS Project

    Application Software

    Domino Extended Search, Domino 5.0, IIS,
    SQL Server

    General Electric

    General Electric (GE) partnered with Aris Consulting for the maintenance and enhancement of their entire interactive web site.  Building search capabilities into the site was a requirement for Aris.

  • Investigated and compared in a lab environment the commercially available corporate search engines for GE web site.  Installed, tested and reported on Verity, Excalibur, InfoSeek, AltaVista and Domino Extended Search products.
  • Presented the client with a feature-by-feature comparison of the products to decide on the appropriate search engine for use on www.ge.com site.

  • Managing Consultant
    April 1999-June 1999


    Windows NT 4.0
    Windows 98, MS Project

    Application Software

    Lotus Notes/Domino 5.0

    Independent Contractor – ControlSat

    ControlSat is a division of Orbital Sciences Corporation that provides monitoring services to clients for their remote installations in the field.  Miniature devices on these installations feed data via satellite to central databases that coordinate maintenance and alerts.

  • Managed and developed a full life cycle Domino R5.0 implementation of a trouble ticketing and configuration management system for use by a distributed user base.
  • Successfully gathered requirements, designed, developed and delivered the system on time.

  • Managing Consultant
    Technical Lead

    Oct 1996-April 1999


    Windows NT 4.0, AS/400
    MS Project

    Application Software

    Lotus Notes/Domino 4.x



    NetObjects Fusion

    IBM Professional Services

    Nexgen Solutions is an IBM business partner.   IBM hired Nexgen Solutions regularly to assist in projects for IBM and Lotus Development Corporation.

  • Technical lead in the development and deployment of an electronic shopping mall for IBM channel sales for minority and woman owned businesses, where online shoppers buy goods from multiple tenant- merchants consolidating their shipments and paying once.
  • Led the development of a web enabled administration interface custom built for the EnterpriseXspan project.   EnterpriseXspan is a multi-database solution to quickly disseminate design and production data to the supply chain and to coordinate partner activities in the automotive industry.
  • Designed and delivered a notification process in the Health Data Network project relying on MQSeries for system generated messages.  Health Data Network was designed to allow health professionals and insurers gain access to patient data over the Internet.
  • Delivered a Notes based Cost of Ownership model for the sales force of IBM. Prospective clients used this tool to scrutinize their current investments and to weigh alternatives in hardware investment.
  • Outlined a cc:Mail to Notes messaging migration plan for Pharmacia and Upjohn.  Specifically dealt with the implementation of workflow and collaborative functions Notes offered to replace the functional ID’s in cc:Mail.

  • Managing Consultant
    Dec 1998-March 1999


    Windows NT 4.0, MS Project

    Application Software

    Lotus Notes/Domino 4.6x

    Black Enterprise Magazine

    Black Enterprise Magazine is a New York based publication that provides a venue for African American entrepreneurs and woman owned businesses.  Nexgen Solutions was hired to deliver an online version of the magazine.

  • Performed project kick-off and requirements gathering for a new web site that aimed to redefine the web presence of the magazine as “the virtual desktop of the African American businessmen.”
  • Led many of the technical aspects of development and infrastructure necessary to deliver a robust solution for e-commerce and for online publishing, including staging of future articles.
  • Designed databases, templates, forms, views, agents, script libraries and navigators.  Addressed the creation of archive versions of the magazine by importing old data, as well as the staging of new content.

  • Managing Consultant
    January 1999


    Windows NT 4.0

    Application Software

    Lotus Notes/Domino 4.6x

    Health Care Management Technologies

    Health Care Management Technologies is an intermediary in the delivery of health services, coordinating the activities of hospitals, doctors and insurance companies.  Nexgen Solutions was hired to optimize their messaging system.

  • Analyzed the Notes deployment to improve server performance given the heavy messaging demand placed on the servers.
  • Provided hardware and server configuration recommendations to help achieve growth objectives in the total number of users.

  • Managing Consultant
    June 1998-November 1998


    Windows NT 4.0,
    MS Project

    Application Software

    Lotus Notes/Domino 4.6x

    Banco de Venezuela for Lotus Consulting

    Banco de Venezuela (Banvenez) is one of the largest banks in Venezuela that recently merged with Banco Santander from Spain.  Banvenez has over 2000 distributed users, and Lotus Consulting hired Nexgen Solutions to provide a reliable messaging and applications platform.

  • As a project lead in this Lotus Consulting engagement, performed requirements gathering and needs assessment for Banvenez.
  • Recommended staffing, hardware, software, best practices, as well as configuration.  Achieved high availability and redundancy through the use of clustered Domino servers.
  • Mapped the migration path to take live a pilot deployment that had in effect become indispensable, preserving mail content while recertifying users.
  • Mentored fellow engineers to perform the necessary tasks for successful transition to the new environment.

  • Senior Consultant
    Technical Lead

    October 1996-April 1999


    Windows NT 4.0

    Application Software

    Lotus Notes/Domino, Notes Pump, NetObjects Fusion

    Nexgen Solutions, Inc.

    Nexgen Solutions is a Premium Lotus Business partner focusing on custom solutions and consulting services.

  • As a Senior Consultant, assumed lead roles on client engagements, primarily on Lotus Consulting and IBM projects.
  • Contributed to the evolution of a suite of Lotus Notes applications that tracked time, expense reports and travel requests.
  • Upgraded and maintained the NT and Notes/Domino infrastructure.

  • Enterprise Communications Consultant
    October 1995-October 1996


    Windows NT,

    Application Software

    Lotus Notes 3.x-4.x

    Isocor X.400 Gateway

    Digital Equipment Corporation

    Digital Equipment Corporation, now part of Compaq, delivers hardware, software and consulting services to the information industry.

  • Configured Alpha/NT Notes servers for Michelin to give their mobile sales force access over 56k X.25 lines using X.PC and TCP/IP across a firewall.
  • Set up and maintained a Notes Named Network and servers as part of a messaging coexistence and infrastructure project for Chemical Bank of New York.  Configured gateways, performed interoperability tests between NotesMail, cc:Mail, Comet and All-in-1 messaging systems over an X.400 backbone using X.500 Directory Services.  Ensured successful implementation of the systems from development to production environment.

  • Developer
    October 1994-October 1995


    Windows NT

    Application Software

    Lotus Notes 3.x, Sybase, Crystal Reports, ViP, ZMerge

    Cable and Wireless Inc.

    Cable and Wireless Inc. is a global communications company that focuses primarily on business-to-business services in North America.  CWI hired Maxm Systems for on-site development of critical software systems.

  • Contributed to the design of a Notes based, multi-database Customer Trouble Tracking System that integrated data from multiple sources.
  • Maintained separate development and production Notes networks, cross certifications and general Notes Administration.


    Around-n-Over, P.O. Box 19662, Seattle, WA 98109-6662 • Fax: 206-709-3927 • info@around-n-over.org
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